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2008 Chicago Gators Baseball Schedule




The schedule has changed on 6/11. Please check back frequently and refresh the page to see changes.



Date Time   Location Opponent     Notes
Thur CSBL 29th 8:00pm   Addison Braves     L 8-7 10 Inn
Tues CSBL 3rd 8:00pm   Addison Braves     Rain Out
Thur CSBL 5th 7:30pm   Lombard Orioles     L 12-5
Sun  NL 8th Noon   Concordia Col. Americans DH   Rain Out
Wed CSBL 11th 6:00pm   Prairie State Col Panthers     L 5-1
Thur CSBL 12th 6:00pm   South Suburban Wildcats     L 7-5
Sun NL 15th 1:00pm   Romeoville H.S. Indiana Cubs DH    
Mon CSBL 16th 7:30pm   Gouwens Park Muskies      
Sat CSBL 21st Noon   Oak Forest H.S. Wildcats DH    
Sun CSBL 22nd Noon   Beecher H.S. Muskies DH    
Thur CSBL 26th 7:00pm   Alexian Field Hawks      
Sat CSBL 28th Noon   Romeoville H.S. Shooters DH    
Sun CSBL 29th Noon   Oak Forest H.S. Shooters DH    
Mon   30th              
Tues CSBL 1st 7:30pm   Lombard Orioles      
Sat   5th T.B.A   T.B.A T.B.A      
Sun CSBL 6th 1:00pm   Oswego H.S. Cats DH    
Wed CSBL 9th 7:30pm   Brooks H.S. Panthers      
Thur CSBL 10th 7:30pm   Brooks H.S. Wildcats      
Sat CSBL 12th Noon   Romeoville H.S. Hawks DH    
Sun CSBL 13th 1:00pm   Oswego H.S. Cats DH    
Sat  CSBL 19th Noon   Romeoville H.S. Westmont DH    
Sun CSBL 20th  Noon   Triton C.C Indians DH    
Mon CSBL 21st 7:30pm   Gouwens Park Muskies      
Thur CSBL 24th 7:15pm   Thunderbolts Hawks      
Sat CSBL 26th Noon   Romeoville H.S. Cardinals DH    
Sun CSBL 27th Noon   Lockport H.S. Panthers DH    
Mon   28th              
Tues   29th              
Thurs   31st T.B.A   Oswego H.S. AABC Regionals      
Fri   1st-4th T.B.A.   Oswego H.S. AABC Regionals      
Thur   7th-10th T.B.A    Kankakee, IL NABF Regionals      
Thurs    14th-17th  T.B.A.   Louisville, Ky NABF World Series       


2008 Chicago Suburban Baseball League

South Divison

Beecher 6 1 0 .857
Wildcats 5 1 .5 .833
Crestwood 2 2 2.5 .500
Gators 0 2 3.5 .000
Oak Forest 1 4 4 .200
Westmont 0 3 4 .000

North Divison

Melrose 5 1 0 1.000
Oswego 5 4 1.5 .555
Lombard 1 0 1.5 1.00
Cardinals 1 1 2 .500
Elmhurst 2 3 2.5 .400
Addison 2 8 5 .200